Oncologist’s consultation: why and who needs it?


Scintigraphy is a method of radionuclide diagnostics that allows detecting functional changes in the human body at the initial stages of their development During the procedure, a substance containing radioactive isotopes is injected into the patient’s vein, which, thanks to the blood flow, quickly reach the desired internal organ or system. After about half an hour, they take a series of pictures using a gamma camera that captures radioactive radiation.

The information from the study is processed using a computer program. […]

When to go to an appointment with an oncologist?

An oncologist is a specialist who studies the causes of the occurrence and development of benign and malignant tumor formations. The oncologist’s competence includes diagnosis (including accurate differentiation), treatment of tumors, as well as the study of the possibilities of converting benign tumors into malignant ones.

Oncological diseases can affect all organs and tissues of the human body. They are localized initially in any one organ, but over time they spread and penetrate into any system, including the circulatory, lymphatic, and […]