Trips to the toilet: norms and deviations

The human body is a complex mechanism that functions according to its own regime. Some people feel the urge to urinate 4-5 times a day. Others rush to the toilet every 2-3 hours. For some, the daily morning stool is considered the norm. Others – empty the intestines twice a day or once every 2 days. What is considered the norm and what is considered a deviation? What pathologies can there be an increase or decrease in urination and defecation? […]

Outpatient Cataract surgery

Microsurgical care for all types of cataracts:




In the course of operations, premium elastic intraocular lenses of leading world manufacturers are implanted, proven by world practice and having advantages even over the human lens:




Lenses allow patients to see well at long distances (near, medium distances and far) and reduce or eliminate the need to wear glasses after implantation. Visual acuity is restored already the next day after the operation.

The operation is performed delicately and painlessly, without damaging sensitive intraocular structures and […]

To hear such a diagnosis from a doctor is always scary

But do not lose heart: modern medicine manages to cure almost 90% of oncological diseases in the early stages.

In the Tyumen medical cluster Medical City, the practice of successful treatment of malignant neoplasms has existed for many years. In the fight against cancer, highly qualified oncologists are assisted by gentle, but effective methods of treatment and modern equipment.

The key to effective therapy is accurate diagnosis and an individual treatment protocol.

Such a protocol is drawn up by a consultation of oncologists […]