To hear such a diagnosis from a doctor is always scary

But do not lose heart: modern medicine manages to cure almost 90% of oncological diseases in the early stages.

In the Tyumen medical cluster Medical City, the practice of successful treatment of malignant neoplasms has existed for many years. In the fight against cancer, highly qualified oncologists are assisted by gentle, but effective methods of treatment and modern equipment.

The key to effective therapy is accurate diagnosis and an individual treatment protocol.

Such a protocol is drawn up by a consultation of oncologists based on the localization of the disease, its type and degree of spread to other organs. After the preparation of the treatment protocol, internationally recognized therapies and Medical City’s own innovative developments come into play.

It is the innovative potential and the technical base corresponding to it in terms of the breadth of possibilities that is the main advantage of the Tyumen region in the field of medical tourism. The cluster has its own laboratory of radiopharmaceuticals, equipment for minimally invasive robotic operations, microsurgical, laser and endoscopic installations. The widest possible technical range is the key to a multilateral approach to each disease and the foundation of a high level of medical care.

Medical tourism to the Tyumen Region is gaining momentum, so for the convenience of patients from other regions and from abroad, we have created the Medical City Medical Tourism Development Center. The Medical City team will take care of all the arrangements for treatment and stay in Tyumen, from the first call to your return home.

In order to advise you on the expediency and duration of the trip, as well as on a possible treatment plan, we will need information about your problem. Leave a request for a call on our website, and an oncologist will call you back.

After consultation and a joint decision, you will be accompanied by a team consisting of a manager and a doctor until the end of treatment. After the treatment is completed, at the final conversation with the doctor, you will receive a full report on the results of diagnosis and treatment, as well as documents concerning the results of studies, analyses and recommendations for further treatment and rehabilitation. Even after completing the entire course of procedures, we stay in touch with you.

Every day 7 thousand patients from all regions of the Russian Federation and 40 foreign countries come to us. We firmly believe that it is through joint efforts — the efforts of a doctor and a patient — that good health is built. Save your health for many years together with the Medical City project!